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Love and Light to all
Sherry, OK
I had the privilege of taking Brandie's beginner Psychic/Mediumship class. What I gained from her classes is indescribable. Apart from her being a great teacher, her insight to the energy of the class and the ability to shape the teachings to us as a collective group is amazing. My focus was not to become a medium; however the tools that were given to me to help shape my spiritual journey to be of service to others are priceless. Thank you Brandie!!! I would recommend this class to anyone looking to broaden their spiritual experience.
Pat, Oklahoma
I had never had a reading before, and when my husband died, it seemed a very natural thing to do! Brandie made me feel special, accepted and very welcome. I have to say, I felt more than a little motherly to her, but she is so precious! Anyway, I had no pre-conceived ideas about the reading, and I was so surprised and very happy with the results. First of all, I totally expected my husband first, but then I wasn't surprised my cousin came through saying, "Let me talk, let me talk" My husband had only passed three months prior to the reading, but he was indeed his funny and true self! Brandie brought through everything so perfectly and truly was right on target. I can only say, thank you many times over, and I am hoping to come for a visit again. Thank you Brandie and bless you for your remarkable gift. You are very much a part of the Divine.
Debbie, Oklahoma
My session with Brandie was truly refreshing. She has an amazing gift and I'm so grateful she chooses to share this gift with others. Brandie's readings during my session were accurate and presented to me in a professional manner. I will definitely be scheduling more visits with Brandie, and I'm so glad I found her!

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