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Cost: $15/classDate: April 25th, 2017Time: 7:30 PM

Do you feel like you might be more sensitive to life than those around you? Do you feel as though you may have mediumistic abilities? Are you looking to embrace your psychic abilities? Embracing Spirit, taught by Psychic/Intuitive Medium Brandie Chrisman, might be exactly what you need to help you make sense of it all. This class is open to all levels from the novice beginner to the demonstrating medium. This Bi-Weekly class will teach you how to work with your intuition and blend with Spirit as you explore your gifts.

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Brandie Chrisman is a highly-trained, multi-talented, and deeply-experienced psychic medium with a penchant for understanding and communicating with spirit. Through taking part in a reading or psychic session, clients are able to tap into the mysteries and meanings of their own life-journeys, often discovering profound new ideas or directions. Brandie's eye-opening and heartwarming sessions have been used to help heal emotional and spiritual distress, to explore difficult or confusing thoughts and events, and to reach answers to challenging personal questions. Whether you're curious about the potential of psychic awareness to impact your own life or are in search of a caring professional to guide you in your own psychic path, Brandie Chrisman has a great deal to offer.



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Hello Beautiful Souls! The entire goal of this channel is to be a platform to show women how to center themselves in health, wellness and spirituality. I'll share my life with you in hopes that it inspires you in yours and you in turn share your gift with the world! Thanks for checking out this channel!

I hope you know that the Universe loves you, that Spirit loves you and that I love you!



20/ February-2017
Why I am MORE than happy to say Goodbye

Why I am MORE than happy to say Goodbye

As the end of the month nears, so does my birthday. Needless to say I have been in deep reflection about the last decade of my life and I have come to the conclusion that it was one massive clusterfuck. (I apologize for the word but there is no other word that seems to do it justice). I feel like I have experienced a life time in my twenties.

19/ February-2017
Why its really none of your business

Why its really none of your business

We have all been there. Life is going great, you’re really enjoying being in the zone, its rainbows, unicorns and then SLAM. You hear about what someone did or said and your ego panties get all bunched up. Either someone’s ethics irritates you or they are talking crap about what they “think” they know about your life, or they simply are just spouting off mean and hateful wo...